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Aegir is expected to return from Scotland every three days to complete five lifting operations in North Shields.
Aegir Wave Power, 51% owned by Vattenfall, has been investigating opportunities to develop an area off the southwest coast of the Shetland Islands since 2009.
The ships have been designed by Norway's Skip-skonsulent and range from the Aegir 10, which would be built 145.6-metres-long with a deadweight displacement of some 10,000 tonnes, to the Aegir 26, which would be 196.6 metres have a displacement of around 26,000 tonnes.
AEGIN gaine AEGIR aegir AEGIS aegis AEGIT Getai AEGNR anger AEGNS geans AEGNT agent AEGRS rages AEGRT great AEGST stage AEINR reina AEINS anise AEINT entia AEIRS arise AEIRT irate AEIST iteas AENRS snare AENRT antre AENST antes AERST stare AGINR grain AGINS gains AGINT giant AGIRS fairs AGIRT tragic AGIST agist AGNRS grans AGNRT grant AGNST gnats AGRST strag (3) AINRS rains AINRT train AINST stain AIRST stair ANRST rants EGINR reign EGINS singe EGINT tinge EGIRS grise EGIRT tiger EGIST tiges EGNRS grens (5) EGNRT grent (5) EGNST gents EGRST grets (4) EINRS siren EINRT inert EINST inset EIRST tries ENRST stem GINRS rings GINRT grint (5) GINST sting GIRST grist GNRST INRST shirt
Alli hubo una causa caprichosa por parte de las deidades, al enviar el diluvio, y no una falta etico-moral por parte del hombre, lo cual evidencia el caracter veleidoso y voluble de lo acuatico, como veremos con el comentario de Aegir y Ran.
of the determinant, which is a proper name, e.g., 'fire of Aegir,' 'meal of Frodi.'" A subset of this group is the kind of kenning in which "the relationship between the base-word and referent is often metaphorical, often mythologically sanctioned, e.g., 'storm of Odinn,' 'wheel of Hildr'" (95).
One of the gods of Scandinavian mythology, son of the nine virgin daughters of Aegir and called the White God with the Golden Teeth.
Stepping into their first full RC44 season is Brian Benjamin's Aegir Racing (GBR).
International Resource News-May 17, 2011--Vattenfall's Aegir Wave Power JV receives approval to develop area offshore Shetland Islands(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Emerson's wholly owned subsidiary Aegir Norge Holding AS has launched a voluntary offer for Roxar shares, offering NOK5.2 per share in cash or NOK1.27bn for the total share capital of Roxar, the company said.
But a thorough search of the Aegir failed to uncover the drugs which gardai believe the vessel had been carrying.
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