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PHOTO (Color) Ella Williams, CEO of Aegir Systems, will speak at a forum tonight.
Experts will be on hand at Pacific 2015 to discuss the latest designs and services which will include BMT s Aegir family of vessel designs, a version of which has been proposed by DSME in response to the needs of the SEA1654 Maritime Operational Support Capability Program.
Stepping into their first full RC44 season is Brian Benjamin's Aegir Racing (GBR).
But a thorough search of the Aegir failed to uncover the drugs which gardai believe the vessel had been carrying.
With a $250 million investment in a fleet development program, by 2014 Viking will have several refurbishments plus the introduction of ten new Viking Longships starting with six to be introduced in 2012--Viking Aegir, Viking Embla, Viking Freya, Viking Idun, Viking Njord and Viking Odin.