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Republic of Korea (RoK): Aegis will join the next three KDX-III Sejong the Great Class destroyers, a multi-purpose destroyer with air and land defense and anti-submarine capabilities.
Mary Elizabeth: The whole AEGIS project runs on a little over $200,000 per year, and money is tight, so a contribution matters.
This award continues our strong and established partnership with our Aegis customer as well as satisfying the U.
The simplicity of Aegis Semiconductor's optical monitors was recognized early on as having a high potential, and we are pleased to have helped support its runaway success in the market.
BasePoint's industry-leading customers include: New Century Mortgage, Aegis Mortgage Corporation, MasterCard Worldwide and several top 20 global banks.
The Lockheed Martin Aegis team was faced with programming language selection for its Open Architecture Program.
Notably, AEGIS has been able to make up its recent operating losses with realized investment gains, and has posted a net profit in each of the last four years.
Aegis licenses its technology on a product-by-product exclusive basis.
Don Grimm, Chairman of Aegis Therapeutics, said, "We believe that superior formulation stability for protein and peptide therapeutics will be a significant market differentiator.
Through the partnership, Aegis will gain access to Oracle's premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support.
Aegis Semiconductor, a leading supplier of cost-effective wavelength monitoring and control solutions, has named Jeffrey D.