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Aegis Semiconductor is a privately held company that builds cost-effective solutions for intelligent optical networks.
The Aegis BMD-THAAD link verified interoperability of systems and sensors in the nation's Ballistic Missile Defense System.
Currently, Aegis Weapon System capabilities are on 80 cruisers, destroyers and frigates on station around the world, with more than 25 under construction or planned.
Navy are jointly developing Aegis BMD as part of the nation's Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS).
During the test, the Aegis SPY-1B radar aboard USS Shiloh provided real-time detection, tracking, target discrimination and engagement processing to launch the SM-3.
Fitch expects that AEGIS will continue to be a major presence in its target market with membership retention in the high 80% to low 90% range.
While Aegis appreciates the implicit vote of confidence in Aegis and its prospects that the tender offer signifies, Aegis believes that the Offeror's desire to purchase Aegis shares should not come at the expense of existing Aegis shareholders through a tender offer made at an inadequate price.
American Stock Exchange for Aegis shares as of the time
Plaxton explained that "Aegis' claimed interest in the intellectual property of Spectral is without foundation and is most recently evidenced by a release dated May 1994, signed by Aegis and one of its principals, Mr.
Through the partnership, Aegis will gain access to Oracle's premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support.
By establishing Aegis as a separate division, Acuson can increase its focus on this product line to assure we anticipate and meet the needs of our customers," said Samuel H.
Aegis Semiconductor, a leading supplier of cost-effective wavelength monitoring and control solutions, has named Jeffrey D.