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Another multibillion-peso project was in the offing for the company, to build a five residential-tower resort at the uptown section just about 2 kilometers north of downtown Davao, and would be called the Aeon Bleu.
A Vietnamese tourist visiting the mall praised the service and said, "I really like Aeon Mall because of its service.
Clinical labs like Aeon are on the forefront of the personalized medicine movement and they need a partner like PierianDx who can facilitate that growth, said PierianDx CEO Ted Briscoe.
The additional 2016 Series E Shares will be convertible into 24% of the outstanding shares of the company's common stock on the date of the closing and will be issued to the AEON members provided AEON achieves USD 16m of EBITDA in calendar year 2015.
AEON is proud to be the supplier of valves for the water network of the AKOYA project by DAMAC, one of the most prestigious property developments in Dubai.
Vikas Pawa, Managing Partner, Aeon quoted "At Aeon, nothing excites us more than a challenging project that will truly use all our expertise and the capabilities of our system to the full extent.
SDSC pushes the envelope in research computing, and their requirements for high performance, affordability, and maintainability fit perfectly with Aeon's product design approach, stated Jeff Johnson, co-founder of Aeon Computing.
The move follows an announcement earlier this month by Aeon that it will acquire midsize supermarket chain operator Peacock Stores Inc.
The Incubator Bank of Japan collapsed in 2010 and was renamed Aeon Community Bank after it was bought by the Aeon Company (8267.
21 September 2011 - Mizuho Financial Group (TYO:8411) has led the group of banks extending a JPY15bn (USD196m/EUR143m) syndicated loan to local shopping centre operator Aeon Mall (TYO:8905), Bloomberg data showed on Tuesday.
China is especially attractive for Aeon, Japan's No.
Tariq Puri, who was a part of Pakistani delegation led by President Asif Ali Zardari, that visited Japan from February 21-23, said that he had held meeting with the president of Aeon, Motoya Okada alongwith Secretary Commerce Zafar Mehmud and Pakistani businessmen.