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Sprinkling of water aerially through helicopter to settle the particulate matter in Delhi shall require a comprehensive feasibility study and approvals from various authorities such as DGCA, AAI, Defence, Delhi Administration etc.
Opposition prepares for battle Tehran aerially transports major reinforcements of Guards and Iraqi militias AL MOUSTAQBAL: Aoun from the balcony of the Palace of the People today: Great people of Lebanon Hariri turns the wheels of cabinet formation ANNAHAR: Cabinet formation has launched amid positive atmosphere, albeit prudence continues to exist Palace of the People opens its doors today for felicitators AL DIYAR: Aounist journalist says: Gebran Bassil will not give Energy portfolio to Berri in fear of compromising the Christians quota in oil and gas Taef gradually dying with Aoun, as rule returns to the President Aoun will not sign ministerial list with amending it R.
This summer the species was found on the Channel Islands for the first time and Defra has been anticipating its arrival ever since, in imported goods or aerially.
KRIS BOYD 6 Kept battling away but well marshalled and outmuscled aerially by Davies.
People say he is vulnerable one v one and that he is aerially weak.
A quick, composed and aerially dominant centre-back, Wilson is a free agent after being released from the City Ground where he completed a second spell with his home town club, having won two titles with Scottish giants Celtic in-between.
In recent weeks, markets, bakeries and a water station have also been aerially bombarded.
Chotu Gang members are being aerially scoped by helicopters and drones.
He's very good defensively and troubles you no end with his kicking game, whether he goes to the corners, goes aerially or attack kicks.
It has aerially side trimmed thousands of miles of rights-of-way for more than 20 utility, pipeline companies and governmental agencies throughout the United States.
Root was less convincing initially, and needed a little more fortune - notably on seven when he chipped aerially to a cunningly deployed square leg but was reprieved by third umpire Rod Tucker, who concluded the ball had not quite carried to Corey Anderson off Boult.