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Many details of the theatrical stage sets in Peter Pan were designed with young audiences in mind -- live actors in costume are interacting with both physical props and cinematic CGI in illusionistic 3D space, on the ground and aerially, further blurring the lines between theatre and cinema," adds Dudley.
Taxpayers that aerially apply fertilizers and pesticides, such as farmers and ranchers or those engaged to aerially apply the chemicals to commercially raised livestock or commercially grown crops.
The Norwich star will have to be on his game aerially, where Muller is a major threat.
It has aerially side trimmed thousands of miles of rights-of-way for more than 20 utility, pipeline companies and governmental agencies throughout the United States.
He's great at using his physicality to hold off defenders, hold up the ball and he's superb aerially - that's where he needs to make his presence felt.
The stated goal of Plan Colombia is to help the Colombian police aerially fumigate the country's thousands of acres of coca and poppy farms.
Australia's national science agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and Powercor Australia have developed a method for power companies to aerially measure the distance of tree branches from power lines.
They are sprayed aerially on corn leaves where the beetles eat.
Wuesthoff said KC-767s have greater range, carry a larger payload and more passengers, can be aerially refueled and can refuel any type of receiver aircraft with either boom or drogue.
Later logging progressed to the "high-lead" stage, which required hanging block and tackle from a tall, delimbed "spar" tree so that logs could be yarded in aerially without hanging up on stumps and underbrush.
Liberty Star has recently discovered a large intrusion indicated by an aerially extensive low flight level magnetic survey under and partially exposed in and around the Tombstone caldera (NR 129).
Benteke versus Shawcross would have been a choice match-bet, certainly aerially, but the former Villa man will fancy his chances of outgunning Marc Wilson or Philipp Wollscheid.