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The European Aeronautical Group is currently promoting the concept of an electronic flight bag that will contain all of the information that the crew need to take their aircraft from one chosen location to its destination.
``This will benefit local employers in aeronautical engineering and associated industries, who will gain highly skilled employees once they have successfully completed their training at Deeside College.''
Mr Bush will work with aeronautical systems president and chief executive officer Ken Maciver on the transition through February 26 when Mr Maciver retires.
The meeting was also attended by senior officers of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board.
While speaking at the occasion, the Air Chief thanked the guests for supporting the Royal Aeronautical Society.
The Carolina Aeronautical program selection offers a course offering for each type of student.
However, with an average of 44% of global airport revenues deriving from the non-aeronautical sector, and its growing profitability vis-a-vis the aeronautical sector, it's no wonder that many airports are turning to this $5 lb industry to increase overall airport profitability (source: 2013 ACI Airport Economics Report).
55.9m, due to the fact that the combined increase of aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues was offset by a Ps.
This plant, which started production by late 2010, has since been partner of six French plants in the Mghira industrial zone, specialised in aeronautical industry and related services.
Methods of upgrading aircraft and aeronautical systems have been researched and scientific and practical results have been obtained (Samkov 2008; Samkov et al.
NATS, the UK's air traffic management provider, on Tuesday announced it has published the first electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Amendment.
Our dedicated aerospace facilities at the Treforest campus include: .Merlin MP-521 Engineering Flight Simulator .Gas turbine engine .Wind tunnel .BAE Jetstream31 commercial jet .Aircraft Maintenance Training Centre - workshops and classrooms Students who are interested in aeronautical engineering can study BSc (Hons) aircraft maintenance engineering (including EASA Part-66), BEng (Hons) aeronautical engineering and the new award BEng (Hons) aeronautical systems engineering with avionics.

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