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It should also be mentioned that the successes of the SSC Halon alternative program led directly to transitioning of the aerosol generator technology to the U.S.
A 0.00953 m (3/8 in.) outer diameter copper tube was used to inject oleic acid or potassium chloride (KCl) particles into the wind tunnel that were generated from liquid solutions using a custom-designed and -built aerosol generator. Isokinetic sampling probes were placed upstream and downstream of the test filter location and were connected to an OPC.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of non pressurized condensed type of fire extinguishing aerosol generator in window and split type room air conditioners installed at different sites in barc, mumbai 400085
Activity 1: Aerosocial mosquito treatment with ULV or Equivalent, with appropriate preparations and aviation equipment proposed by the contractor Activity 2: Ground disinsectisation mosquitoes in the regulation boundaries of the settlements in Nikopol Municipality with a hot / cold aerosol generator or equivalent with suitable preparations and technician proposed by the contractor.
Tenders are invited for Polydispersed aerosol generator
Contract Awarded for Electrospray (nanoscale) aerosol generator 1set