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Aerosol therapy during mechanical ventilation: an international survey.
Well-meaning but misguided experts may recommend procedures or use terminology that could render aerosol therapy less effective.
20,21] Ipratropium, a new synthetic derivative, is poorly absorbed into the circulation and has been shown to have an important role in aerosol therapy and to cause few side effects.
ventilator circuits package and accessories, Oxygen & Aerosol Therapy, Abord Respiratory - 2 e PART for the benefit of member institutions at the national grouping - CIRO2
Chapter 5 is about Aerosol Therapy and is essentially unremarkable inasmuch as nearly all the material presented is already within the command of most RTs.
Other respiratory care services such as aerosol therapy or continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) received reimbursement for a specific number of months with the patient having a choice at ten months whether they wanted the device to be purchased for them, where the home care provider would receive an additional three months reimbursement prior to the title for the equipment being transferred to the patient or choosing to continue to the equipment remain the property of the home care provider where the provider would receive an additional five months rental payment and maintenance payment equal to one months rental every six months.
The home respiratory care professional is often called upon to address compliance issues dealing with aerosol therapy, oxygen therapy and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.