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The AES validation test suite consists of the Known Answer Tests (KATs), the Multi-block Message Test (MMT), and the Monte Carlo Test (MCT).
AES helped pioneer CFB technology in the US in the early 1990s.
Hanrahan also discussed steps AES is taking to develop new programs and technologies to address the greenhouse gas challenges facing the US including an innovative, planned partnership between AES and GE Energy Financial Services.
AES plans to invest in excess of US$1 billion over the next three years in the alternative energy sector, including power wind generation, global climate change and liquefied natural gas.
Since AES acquired SONEL in 2001, AES has significantly expanded the country's back-up power generation capacity in Cameroon.
Each of AES's coal-fired plants in New York continue to emit significantly less SO2 and NOx than any other coal-fired facility in the state, based on EPA data," said Jim Mulligan, Plant Manager at AES Westover.
The AES-GCM core integrates a Galois Field multiplier and an AES core to meet high data-rate requirements of many security applications such as MACsec, IPsec, tape storage and Fibre Channel security.
AES Panama benefits from a portfolio of existing low-cost hydroelectric generating assets, including dam-based (reservoir) and run of the river units.
AES Cartagena was constructed under the terms of a turnkey contract with a consortium formed by Mitsubishi Corporation, MC Power Project Management, SL, and Initec Energia, S.
AES Eastern Energy and Praxair intend to explore, research, design, and potentially commercialize the implementation of CO2 emission reduction technology for new and existing electric generation facilities.
AES has held an interest in the Itabo plant since 2000 through its AES Gener subsidiary.
Bulgaria is the kind of market we want to do business in," said Paul Hanrahan AES President and Chief Executive Officer.