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This self-sacrifice is accompanied by the idea that art should extract itself from the "useless" domain of the aesthetic and be fused with social praxis.
Miracle has demonstrated itself to be the most powerful company in China for the distribution of innovative high-end light technologies for aesthetic medicine," commented Shimon Eckhouse, Syneron's chairman and inventor of the elos and IPL technologies.
AB: And the profit system itself--making money from other people's lives--I learned from Aesthetic Realism that it comes from the same contempt.
The aesthetic motivation behind breeding ornamental fish started a cultural phenomenon almost 3,000 years ago.
This pedagogical strategy provides an alternative way of encountering Islam, the goal of which is to immerse students in a learning process that engages their aesthetic, kinesthetic, and cognitive responses.
Virginia Postrel, in her new book, The Substance of Style: How The Rise of Aesthetic Value is Remarking Commerce, Culture & Consciousness, (1) persuasively argues that aesthetic values have become as important as utility in shaping the products and places of today.
Ted Cohen reexamines his long-term responses to Sibley's writings and explores Sibley's view that "the important fact about aesthetic descriptions is precisely that they cannot be proven" (p.
The Search for Aesthetic Meaning in the Visual Arts.
LOS ANGELES--In July, Aesthetic Frame & Art Services acquired certain assets of Windsor Art/Vanguard Studios from Interiors Inc.
She contrasts the emerging modernist ideology that "claimed for 'art' an autonomous realm and aesthetic import" to one that carries a "social welfare instrumentality" (163).
has some positive aesthetic quality, or (2) that the object is such as to offer one who would attend to it an aesthetic experience that is either readily available or rewarding in some way.
He distinguishes between philosophical aesthetics and aesthetic philosophy.