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Aesthetically You, 25 Rodney Street Liverpool L1 9EH www.
Within the traditional formats, positive growth figures were only generated by products with aesthetically appealing designs, for example ultra thin notebooks (demand: +2 percent), increased user functionality, such as all-in-one computers (demand: +5 percent), and mobile devices, like ultra mobile notebooks (demand: +4 percent).
If the Glofish appeals to our senses in both positive and negative ways, aesthetically speaking, is it, like Kac's bio-art, a critiquing mirror held up to society or even a hammer shaping society to shift toward an age of genetic commerce?
Taking Montessori Home is proof that two-color printing can be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and cost effective.
Morton appears to be aesthetically regrouping from the Rolling Stone expose that depicted him as a plaster caster of female anatomical parts.
As for Pollock, he may not have been working with fractals in mind, but as Discover notes, his work may nevertheless be "testing the limits of what the human eye would find aesthetically pleasing.
And the keyboard's curvy form, although aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, is just too large to be practical for small and home offices.
Learning something about Japanese art may be aesthetically pleasing and a way to open a conversation with potential business partners, showing them just how erudite you actually are.
One of the critic's primary claims is that the reader of the ode is not just instructed by it, nor even made better as a result of reading it, but is utterly seduced or "charmed" aesthetically through reading it.
Wm Ohs President Robert Cilli, says, "Wm Ohs kitchens are not only aesthetically gorgeous and created with top quality craftsmanship, but are now more environmentally-friendly than ever.
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Some of Baca's stories contain strong language that is contextually and aesthetically appropriate; however, teachers and parents need to decide whether younger readers should be exposed to these exceptionally well-written and important stories.