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Such kindness as fell to the share of nobody but me!--No pride, no hauteur, and your sister just the same--all sweetness and affability!"
'Very discreet of Mr Dennis,' observed Sir John with a slight yawn, though still with the utmost affability, 'but--except for your admirable and lucid manner of telling it, which is perfect--not very interesting to me.'
A fear of rebuff prevented him from affability, and he concealed his shyness, which was still intense, under a frigid taciturnity.
I did not catch what was going on at first, and was, therefore, extremely surprised at noticing George hurriedly smooth out his trousers, ruffle up his hair, and stick his cap on in a rakish manner at the back of his head, and then, assuming an expression of mingled affability and sadness, sit down in a graceful attitude, and try to hide his feet.
When, however, he saw that Rosalie had taken leave of her friends and I was about to join her, he would have left me and passed on at a quicker pace; but, as he civilly lifted his hat in passing her, to my surprise, instead of returning the salute with a stiff, ungracious bow, she accosted him with one of her sweetest smiles, and, walking by his side, began to talk to him with all imaginable cheerfulness and affability; and so we proceeded all three together.
He went up to Madame Stahl, and addressed her with extreme courtesy and affability in that excellent French that so few speak nowadays.
His manners in private were even more mild and attractive than in public, for there was a certain dignity in his mien during his lecture which in his own house was replaced by the greatest affability and kindness.
The affability and charm the Irish are famous for translates into nothing-is-too-much-trouble follow up.
'Right now, I'm on holiday with my missus and baby in Woolacombe and we're having a great time,' he chirruped, demonstrating the affability which makes him so popular.
Even his surgeons weren't immune to his basic decency and affability, even though they only knew him for a relatively short space of time.
Justin Rice hits all the right notes of ego, anxiety and affability as Alan, an alt-pop singer-songwriter who travels to New York after a break-up with his bandmates.
Konterman, a fans' favourite himself, reckons Andrews' affability is the key to his popularity.