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It was a pleasure to eat where everything was so tidy, the food so well cooked, the waiters so polite, and the coming and departing company so moustached, so frisky, so affable, so fearfully and wonderfully Frenchy!
Released from the stifling class, surrounded with flowers and foliage, with a pleasing, smiling, affable woman at my side--how did I feel?
"How can I tell?" said the affable Oriental with a sweet smile.
For he had been as instructive as Milton's "affable archangel;" and with something of the archangelic manner he told her how he had undertaken to show (what indeed had been attempted before, but not with that thoroughness, justice of comparison, and effectiveness of arrangement at which Mr.
Even Polly seemed impressed, for he called her a good girl, blessed her buttons, and begged her to "come and take a walk, dear", in his most affable tone.
So exceeding affable as she was!--You know how I dreaded the thoughts of seeing her;-- but the very moment I was introduced, there was such an affability in her behaviour as really should seem to say, she had quite took a fancy to me.
"I have learnt with deep sorrow the passing on of Jonathan who is well known to Kenyans as a veteran motor sportsman and an affable and humble gentleman," Oparanya said.
Summary: The true hero of the movie is Baru, played with affable charm by the talented Akshaye Khanna.
Shrek, played by Steffan Harri, is perfect as the affable ogre and he managed, mostly, to retain his Mike Myers style Scottish accent throughout.
The affable bigman is one of the few players spared of the suspension in the aftermath of the brawl between the Philippines and Australia last month.
Recently, the PM met with the chief justice of Pakistan, possibly to pitch in a more affable and less aggressive working relationship between the two, yet the meeting has only deepened the rift between the already divided PML-N.
It looks like your classic sort of kosher bodega: Two narrow aisles, a bit shabby although pretty clean, with a disproportionately large fridge-freezer aisle (dairy foods being the raison d'etre) and a young, affable big guy with a beard and long payos behind the counter, when the older, less affable ex-Soviet guy isn't there.