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It was a pleasure to eat where everything was so tidy, the food so well cooked, the waiters so polite, and the coming and departing company so moustached, so frisky, so affable, so fearfully and wonderfully Frenchy
Released from the stifling class, surrounded with flowers and foliage, with a pleasing, smiling, affable woman at my side--how did I feel?
Even Polly seemed impressed, for he called her a good girl, blessed her buttons, and begged her to "come and take a walk, dear", in his most affable tone.
It looks like your classic sort of kosher bodega: Two narrow aisles, a bit shabby although pretty clean, with a disproportionately large fridge-freezer aisle (dairy foods being the raison d'etre) and a young, affable big guy with a beard and long payos behind the counter, when the older, less affable ex-Soviet guy isn't there.
Grammer's affable pomposity is put to good use in a seasonal sitcom gift.
Grant coasts on his usual facial tics - doing that thing with his eyebrows in almost every scene - but he's affable company and utterly believable as the jaded has-been now seeking solace in booze and younger women.
But Murphy was just wondering if affable Charlie will have a problem flying economy class with Ryanair after holding such a high-flying position with the Government and the EU.
You can't really sum him up in just a few words, he was an affable sort, a real people person whom everybody liked.
But Benziger Family Winery's 10-person Partners Tour treats you like a VIP--with a vine-side introduction to one of the affable Benziger family members; a sampling of a just-released Sauvignon Blanc outdoors in the beautiful "insectary" garden; and a private room deep in the wine cave, complete with a large cloth-draped table topped with four glasses apiece and a selection of the biodynamic vineyard's finest bottles, not available to the masses in the tasting room.
My Boys'' is affable and refreshingly likes its characters a lot.
Hoye is an affable, helpful, forthright McBain who can also "talk the talk" of Gotham's cops and robbers.
Taking a break from all the current action, the affable Tracy shared some confessions of her own.