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He was a white-bearded and affable elder, used to entertaining strangers.
Even Sellers forgot his own triumphs long enough to allow him to offer affable congratulations.
If by any possibility you have managed to take the wrong train, you will be handed over to a polite official who will take you whither you belong and bestow you with many an affable bow.
He was very easily approached, being naturally the most affable man in the world.
They are easy of approach and affable in conversation.
D'Artagnan appeared at the door of this chamber, and was saluted by the superintendent with a very affable "Good day.
It's outa sight," he said, parenthetically, with an affable grin.
Elderson," said my affable host, "may I know why you asked about 'Macarger's Gulch'?
Campbell took us all over his barns and was very affable.
On the other hand, Miss Wilson was as affable and courteous as heart could wish, and though I was in no very conversable humour myself, the two ladies between them managed to keep up a pretty continuous fire of small talk.
He had good teeth, and something affable, when he pleased, in his smile; though naturally his countenance, as well as his air and voice, had much of roughness in it: yet he could at any time deposit this, and appear all gentleness and good-humour.
Crawley was absent, but conducted herself in her new and exalted situation with such circumspection and modesty as not to offend the authorities of the kitchen and stable, among whom her behaviour was always exceedingly modest and affable.