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Heuman tactfully and affably demonstrated and proved to me that 0.
If "Dirty Country" finds the audience it deserves, look for Larry Pierce--an affably raunchy country music singer-songwriter based in Middletown, Ind.
He remains in excellent voice, has beguiling stage presence and plays affably into the hands of his audience of mostly middle-aged ladies, who obviously adore him.
Dally, neatly dressed in a coat and tie, remained calm and joked affably with his attorneys during breaks.
Some consider him the antiVachon: serious, shy and subdued to Vachon's social, affably goofy style.
He affably answers what must be by now very familiar questions about ``American Visions'' without any sign of impatience and with great humor.
But as a Sapphocentric comedy about sexual fluidity and self-made obstacles on the path to love, it's an affably ingratiating, reasonably polished entertainment.
Thomas Dodge (Grammer), the man in charge, is as fearlessly eccentric as he is affably cocksure.
Moments earlier Ledger had greeted them affably and posed for pics, but chided one in particular for fanning incidents the previous year: "G'day mate, good story, well done," he said.
In Rome, Murdoch affably gave opposition leader Romano Prodi the lowdown on global media developments.
Soon after catching up with Cheryl and affably dumb pageant emcee Stan (William Shatner) on the set of Regis Philbin's show, Hart learns that Cheryl and Stan have been kidnapped.
Piven has displayed a firm handle on glib, affably irritating types, most recently as the power-wielding agent on HBO's "Entourage," while McCarthy will be forever identified as the handsome sweetheart of the '80s Brat Pack, like Rob Lowe minus any hint of sexual menace.