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Just to reassure you, he replies affably, "I've never bored an audience in my life".
Brian Close, affably nicknamed "Cricket's Lionheart", was the youngest person ever to play Test cricket for England when he was picked to face New Zealand in 1949, aged just 18.
Though the chitchat begins affably, when Krisha proves unwilling to go into detail about her life, Doyle becomes abusive.
And in our years in Santiago they tracked my husband wherever he went, tenaciously, gleefully, curiously, affably and acrimoniously.
You are God" He kept shaking me, warmly, affably, and very firmly.
There is tremendous potential in bilateral trade if the Kashmir issue is settled affably,' he observed.
Mick got in touch to very affably question a recent observation I'd made on the 1979-80 Newcastle United team, which he'd captained.
Belanger, the affably scattered former city councilor Michael J.
How affably engaging ISS Commander Koichi Wakata and crew didn't respond with: "Dermot, for crying out loud, we're trying to do some work up here, like saving mankind from superbugs," I don't know.
Well, you made it from Florida," a short, round man called out affably as he walked from one of the buildings.