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The introduction considers the stakes of affect theory for internet research.
H3: Student learning styles do not affect the satisfaction or effectiveness of collaborative learning.
Perhaps most alarming are the findings that while SES seems to affect all children in their academic achievement and cognitive abilities, it tends to be most detrimental in the earliest years of development.
These types of constraints can skew the responses in some configurations and can affect initial and aged response as compared to unconstrained samples.
One may argue that, while a user's affect can be explored by using a qualitative research methodology, information retrieval systems (IRs) are not sufficiently advanced to model a user's affect during the interaction, and, therefore, the affective paradigm is incomplete.
In addition to the availability of food and opportunities for physical activity that can affect behavior, so too can the way in which physical activity and foods are marketed to the population.
Some factors that are known to affect the volume and type of crime occurring from place to place are:
Finally, autonomic neuropathy can affect the pupils of the eyes, making them less responsive to changes in light.
Marfan syndrome affects men, women, and children, and has been found among people of all races and ethnic backgrounds.
By measuring the effect of communication, you can predict how changes in communication programs may affect the overall organization.
These observations led LaFrance to formulate a research question: How does the idea of having bad hair affect your attitude?
Basic properties of polyethylene that affect barrier are density, melt index, and molecular-weight distribution (MWD).