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He did not say that the Emperor had kept him, and Prince Andrew noticed this affectation of modesty.
Its Literature and Art have what one might call the kink of the unseen about them, and this persists even through decadence and affectation.
Sergey Ivanovitch used to say that he knew and liked the peasantry, and he often talked to the peasants, which he knew how to do without affectation or condescension, and from every such conversation he would deduce general conclusions in favor of the peasantry and in confirmation of his knowing them.
Theirs was the affectation of respectability; - if indeed there be an affectation so honorable.
Vincy could tap his snuff-box over it and be jovial, without even an intermittent affectation of solemnity; and Mr.
Although to date there is no knowledge of any affected Colombian, the Foreign Ministry maintains contact with the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies to act in a timely manner in case of affectation to nationals.
Le total des capitaux propres avant affectation en 2016 s'eleve a 107, 3 millions de dinars.
These expressions are nothing but a silly affectation when used by we English.
According to Wolff, Eglantine was a woman "sweetened and spiritually transformed by the rules and religious practices of her choice, who can be in the world without being of it, gracious without affectation, and friendly without boldness.
Colluthus was an Egyptian epic poet from the late fifth century AD, and his only extant work is a Greek epyllion in 394 hexameters titled The Abduction of Helen, which scholars generally dismiss as a product of late-antique rhetorical affectation and stagnation.
Il a mobilise certains de ses anciens axillaires, des marchands ambulants et certains commercants pour prendre part a ce mouvement de protestation tenu devant le siege de l'annexe administrative qu'il chapeautait avant son affectation ailleurs suite a d'innombrables dysfonctionnements et plaintes des citoyens, indiquent de sources concordantes.
What used to be called good manners is now regarded as affectation.