affected manner

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This man was in other respects too eager after notice, and seemed to many to live in a very affected manner, with his flowing locks and his expensive ornaments, and a coarse warm vest which he wore, not only in the winter, but also in the hot weather.
Aglaya did not so much as glance at the new arrivals, but went on with her recitation, gazing at the prince the while in an affected manner, and at him alone.
The pair were now promenading the room: Feathertop with his dainty stride and no less dainty grimace, the girl with a native maidenly grace, just touched, not spoiled, by a slightly affected manner, which seemed caught from the perfect artifice of her companion.
I am known for my caustic remarks and affected manner. My television appearances have included The Naked Pilgrim and I have written for The Evening Standard since the 1980s.
Claiming that his car overturned in a snowdrift, his affected manner raises eyebrows in the growing tension.
Onlookers must stifle their laughter as one imagines Steve Gauge did when, faced with what he suspected was his own approaching midlife crisis, he discarded the opportunity to start behaving in an affected manner and decided to take up rugby instead.
With her deep voice, purposeful stride and affected manner, she is in absolute control of Michael Yeargan's classic seaside hotel bedroom set.
Mum is a sex-bomb (hence the absurd clothes and affected manner); the kids are ...