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I asked a civil question and I expect a civil answer,' he said affectedly.
By "offensive," presumably, Lamb means "more offensive than Elia"--or perhaps just "actually offensive" as opposed to affectedly so.
It's caught national media attention - The Washington Post dubbed it "the world's most twee Obamacare marketplace" - "twee" meaning affectedly cute.
In La mirada, the hippies who appear to ravage the purity of Puerto Rico's natural beauty are explicitly described as "invaders": the narrator of La mirada, a "farm boy" (read: from a jibaro family) first describes hippies in detail at the university, which he attends for a semester: he is overly "aware of their clothes so affectedly threadbare and not-so-affectedly asexual [unisex?
It was also pointed out that different highways including Loralai-Dera Ghazi Khan and other ones in the Pashtoon areas were also badly affectedly but no steps have been taken yet for their restoration by the concerned National Highway Authority (NHA).
The Oxford English Dictionary defines "mincing" as "walking with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner".
Grave, serious, or affectedly grave; as a solemn face.
The outcomes were found to vary considerably, affectedly by the city's motivation for hosting (which influences planning and project funding allocations), its resources, and its position in a regional and global hierarchy of cities.
According to Zahavi, Husserl maintains that constitution has two primal sources, the primal ego and the primal non-ego, our acts are tacitly self-aware and accessible to reflection, to be motivated is to be affectedly something, and then to respond to it, our experiences are guided by anticipations of normality, scientific theories gradually arise out of practical life, and there exists a correlation between different levels of normality and objectivity.
The key to big popularity, legitimising a dictatorship, spending decades in power and then transferring that power to one's children is the Palestinian problem: Arabs admire and give credit to anyone for speaking on their behalf and demonstrating, albeit affectedly, sympathy for the Palestinian people.
The tempo rubato, if used affectedly, or without discretion, destroys all balance, and so tortures the melody.