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Summing up, we will be testing for the role that aspectuality, affectedness, adverbial modification and definiteness of the subject play in middle acceptability.
Finally, Section 5 will discuss these results, and propose a functional explanation in terms of affectedness.
One can know and will with different degrees of affectedness, determined by the degree of shared participation in some common reality or nature.
Hence affectedness discloses the world as a threat, boring or exciting .
All this might sound like sentimental kitsch but, at its best, Bradley's art stays on the right side of the line dividing affecting art from mere affectedness.
Here, the stakeholder rhetoric, by conceptually leveling the interests of individuals or groups with different qualities of affectedness, conceals that not all interests are necessarily equally legitimate.
Lewis's approach was much more simple, with little of the rubato and affectedness built in to the piece by other performers.
But Duncan spoke honestly, without any affectedness or self-pity.
The statistical correlation between affectedness and nonrecombination (genomic similarity) is a strong indicator that USH1C lies in this candidate genomic region.
One's own religious affectedness is always a second moment in the encounter.
Also rejection of the new tax is expected to vary with personal affectedness and personal norm dependency and subjective values such as self-serving versus community orientation.
You see all our pride, and complacency, and self-esteem, are bombast, and affectedness.