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One can know and will with different degrees of affectedness, determined by the degree of shared participation in some common reality or nature.
Lewis's approach was much more simple, with little of the rubato and affectedness built in to the piece by other performers.
But Duncan spoke honestly, without any affectedness or self-pity.
Here, the stakeholder rhetoric, by conceptually leveling the interests of individuals or groups with different qualities of affectedness, conceals that not all interests are necessarily equally legitimate.
The statistical correlation between affectedness and nonrecombination (genomic similarity) is a strong indicator that USH1C lies in this candidate genomic region.
One's own religious affectedness is always a second moment in the encounter.
Theme is the semantic role of an entity described as being in a state or undergoing a state change (Jackendoff 1976; some authors prefer "patient" for the latter, especially when causal affectedness is involved).
But Spinoza found an inner liveliness in things, even an inchoate "perception," if we take the term in a broad and general sense, indicating, as it were, a Stoic affectedness of each thing by all the rest.
Unfortunately, I lack the relevant data to state explicitly whether the change in the coding of the Causee follows from affectedness or from syntactic properties of the clause in question.
For this alternation, it is most plausible, but remains to be tested, that it reflects a difference in affectedness, the "target" being more holistically affected in the with-variant than in the to-variant (Levin 1993).
Three hypotheses are considered: affectedness of possessor, speaker empathy towards possessor, and topicality of possessor.
We have argued elsewhere (Davidse and Heyvaert 2003: 63) against the affectedness constraint in view of counterexamples such as (21) in which the subject entity is not in any way changed or affected by the action of photographing.