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Carley's journey through learning to receive the love of her foster family and then accepting that she must leave them is affectingly told.
It is an eccentric but affectingly mysterious picture.
It's affectingly straightforward, metronomic guitar is subtle and gentle.
The first was a growing identification, the longer he resided here, with American society and culture, a romance affectingly described in his autobiography, Hitch-22.
Reeling from the death of her beloved sixteen-year-old sister Helene, Mathilda affectingly relates what it's like to mourn, cope with growing up, and deal with grief-stricken parents.
The representational force of an emotionally fraught, though loving, parent-child relationship affectingly celebrates poignant filial bonds rather than encouraging audiences to judge a foolish son's errors-or learn from them.
At the very beginning and end, Greenblatt's embrace of Lucretius is boldly and affectingly personal in two ways: as a testimonial to Greenblatt's own growth and as an intervention in the domination of American politics by religious faith.
Shot in rambunctious 16mm film and accompanied by a shotgun blast of found and pre-recorded music and other sounds, Noureddine's jump-cut ridden half-hour-long postcard from Lebanon in the weeks around the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is daring, unsettling and -- six years on -- it remains the most affectingly smack-infused Lebanese film to emerge from Lebanon's anticlimactic "Independence Uprising.
James Everett Kibler's "The Writer as Farmer" relates directly to Chappell's entry, and other perspectives on agrarianism come from Thomas Fleming, Mark Royden Winchell, Mary Berry Smith, Katherine Dalton, and, most affectingly for this reader, Tom Landess.
The conclusion of the biography, with Alan Clark's final illness and death from the brain tumour which his hypochondriac fears had foretold, is managed most affectingly and brings tears to the eyes.
The final concert by the Festival Orchestra opened with Watkins' affectingly idiomatic Three Welsh Songs for String Orchestra.
Closing Time] is a fine piece of work in every respect: self-exploratory but never self-absorbed, painful and funny, affectingly open in the gratitude it expresses to father figures without whom 'I would have been sucked into the void.