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AFFECTION, contracts. The making over, pawning, or mortgaging a thing to assure the payment of a sum of money, or the discharge of some other duty or service. Techn. Diet.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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1973) (holding that "[a]n intention on the part of the third person that such wrongful interference results in a loss of affection or family association" is an element).
Let's hope they get some love and affection after being hidden away for so long.
Ironically, social media and cell phones have made us less close because "we end up glorifying the trivial while barely noticing that the substantive and meaningful are missing." The book identifies risk factors for loneliness and warns of the many health issues, ranging from a lowered immune system to depression, associated with affection deprivation.
According to Sport24, the four-time World Player of the Year has said he will only stay at Barcelona long as the club's fans felt 'affection' for him even though he insisted that he remains committed to the club despite a disappointing trophy-less season.he report mentioned that Messi was booed by certain sections of the Camp Nou crowd as Barcelona narrowly missed out on winning La Liga on Saturday in a 1-1 home draw to Atletico Madrid, who took the title for the first time in 18 years.
Attwood, a clinical psychologist who works with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and teaches at Griffith U., Australia, and Garnett, a clinical psychologist who specializes in autism spectrum disorders, illustrate how parents can help children with Asperger's syndrome understand and express affection. They explain why children and adolescents who have Asperger's need this program, outline its aims, and detail the role of cognitive behavior therapy.
The Middleham racehorse trainer has enjoyed plenty of success at Pelaw in recent weeks, but also some setbacks even prior to Affection's red card, with Idolize having fallen in her most recent race.
Summary: The announcement of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce came as a surprise to many, as the couple often publically aired their affection.
BRIAN REPLIES: Some cats love affection while others love to be left alone most of the time and ask for affection on their terms.
When we welcome people into our home, we are sharing our home with them; when we bestow genuine affection on others, we are sharing our affection; when we give of our time, we are sharing it with others, and when we invite others to join us in decision-making, we are sharing our power with them.
I have attended a couple of retreats, leaving behind the cares of the world, and spontaneous shows of affection occurred.
High levels of maternal affection to infants at eight months are associated with significantly lower levels of emotional distress in adult offspring, a study has found.
Lisa Stansfield is going back on tour to mark the 30th anniversary release of her debut solo album Affection.