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AFFECTION, contracts. The making over, pawning, or mortgaging a thing to assure the payment of a sum of money, or the discharge of some other duty or service. Techn. Diet.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Affectionally known as Killer by fans during his important stint as skipper back in the early 1990s, the no-nonsense centre-back was hailed as an inspiration to Newcastle after helping to rescue the Mags back in 1992 when Third Division football was looking on the cards for the first time ever.
"Geraint was affectionally known as Eddy, the nickname given to him by his mum and dad, Carol and Kevin.
Hancock, affectionally known as `The Lad', was just 44.
Suffragettes fought for women's right to vote A Model T Ford, affectionally known as the Tin Lizzie Winston Churchill, left of the two top-hatted men, looks on during the Sidney Street siege in London HMS Antrim in the Mersey during the Great Strike August 1911 Picture: Maritime Museum
There, on what's known affectionally as the curry mile, are 70 Indian restaurants.
The acclaimed "An evening with Ricky Hatton" show will be at St David's Hall next Thursday, January 22, offering fans a rare insight into the life of the Mancunian fighter affectionally known as the "Hitman."
Since Woolworths, affectionally known as Woolies, went into administration at the end of last year stock was reduced by up to 70%.
TRAGEDY: Kodjo Dodzi Codjie, affectionally known as Darius, who died at home of a suspected heart attack, aged 39
A seven iron to 10 feet at the fifth - affectionally known as Carter's Folly - led to the first two of his round, while he canned a 16-footer at the seventh after a five iron tee shot and then he chipped in for a birdie two at the 10th.
The prisoners were members of the 'Cymric Club' in the Stalag IVB camp near Mhlberg, Germany and produced the magazines between July 1943 and December 1944, under the editorial eye of William John Pitt from Treharris (1920-1988), affectionally know as Archie.
Judith and her team have affectionally named the kitten Jimmy Tarbuck after the Liverpool-born comedian.
She continued to work at the mill until she was aged 60 and was affectionally named the Mending Queen by her colleagues.