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AFFECTION, contracts. The making over, pawning, or mortgaging a thing to assure the payment of a sum of money, or the discharge of some other duty or service. Techn. Diet.

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Naturally, your pride has taken a bashing and you feel self-conscious now about initiating anything - even just an affectionate cuddle.
Furthermore, it is likely that individuals who classify their sibling relationships as intimate will consider the role that affectionate communication plays in their relationships more positively than individuals who classify their sibling relationships as congenial, loyal, or apathetic/hostile.
He added the life of faith can "only be effectively nurtured when the prevailing atmosphere is one of respectful and affectionate trust".
Vicky said: "All the staff love Thomas and he is a contented, affectionate pussy cat.
HOMELESS Three-legged, tail-less George is described as affectionate and happy.
The good sister too spontaneously responded to the child's smile and satisfied glance, by imprinting a warm Christmas kiss on her face after an affectionate hug.
Joseph Lovett's documentary takes an affectionate look at the exhilarating [and sexy) decade between Stonewall and AIBS, as seen through the eyes of various New Yorkers who lived through it (and lived to tell).
With additional interviews and research into music, race and gender, Gaunt describes the handclapping, cheers and dances not only as transference of oral patterns and body-conscious musicality among girls, but also as the most elementary forms of "learned musical blackness" In thoughtful and affectionate prose, Gaunt makes plain how the schoolyard syncopations of body and voice are both oral-kinetic play and (with boys watching on and sometimes jumping in) improvised lessons in socializing girls into the unique social practices of black urban life.
There are no big surprises beyond Cynthia's up-close and surprisingly affectionate perspective.
Walker ends the book with a chapter entitled, "An Open Letter to Franz Liszt." It is a fitting conclusion to this remarkably lucid and affectionate set of essays on a composer whose biography has been Walker's life's work.
Full of beautiful color photos and diagrams, the book offers a detailed and affectionate look at these construction marvels, Firefly, 2005, 208 p., color photos, paperback, $29.95.
The work's deliberately stiff rendering and studied panel-and-caption format--instantly recognizable as an affectionate parody of pre-superhero comic books--has long been a trademark of Baxter's, and is repeated throughout the show.