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AFFECTION, contracts. The making over, pawning, or mortgaging a thing to assure the payment of a sum of money, or the discharge of some other duty or service. Techn. Diet.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Her characters do drugs, have all-night sex, affectionately or not so affectionately insult the hell out of each other, talk slop, hunt pigs, watch samurai movies, hang out with family, struggle through school, adopt a haole, and stuff animals.
But still, the new Conservative spokesman on Health, known affectionately as Doris Karlof will consequently bring something quite new to front bench battles.
Vin also played with his little nephew, whom he affectionately calls his 'little boss.'
But the man who is affectionately known as 'Beaver' does not let it affect him, with Menzies still one of the best forwards in Super League.
But who was the man affectionately known as Le Mez by friends, what was he really like?
The week is replacing Scout Job Week, affectionately known as Bob-a-Job week, which saw scouts carry out jobs such as gardening and car cleaning in return for a small payment.
AN unborn child is referred to affectionately as ''baby'' when its parents want to keep it but dismissively as ''a foetus'' when they plan to get rid of it (Abortion on the increase Daily Post, today).
It was in that year that the services were amalgamated into the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive - WMPTE, affectionately known as "Wumpty."
Affectionately known as Frenchie, the 15.2 bay mare has already proved to be a top horse, qualifying for the National Retrained Racehorse finals at Hickstead and also winning side saddle classes.
'Mr Grumpy', as Hills is affectionately known, is one of those characters who commands respect, and when you think of the reputation he has built from such humble beginnings, you have to take your hat off to the old boy..
Stuart, Will and Kieren are just 18 years old and James, affectionately known as the grandad of the team, is 22.