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The affectless and cold quality of the relationship in these moments is denoted in the dream of two circles falling into each other.
Countering theorizations of pornography as emotionless, affectless, detached, and cold, Paasonen addresses experiences of porn largely through the notion of affect as gut reactions, intensities of experience, bodily sensations, resonances, and ambiguous feelings.
Just as the Tuscany-set "Certified Copy" casually traced around multiple aspects of Roberto Rossellini's "Voyage to Italy," the spartan Tokyo story of "Like Someone in Love" is laced with references to the filmography of Yasujiro Ozu, from obvious narrative cues like a young woman's affectless neglect of her visiting grandmother to subtler variations on the Japanese master's framing.
And so a trio whose instruments include a ring of graduated bells, a Tibetan singing bowl, a doumbek (goblet drum), a sizzle strip (a spring of steel band), a nameless spiral chime, and a zither promises humanity in a genre most associated with affectless computer-generated gimmicks.
With Paying for It (Drawn & Quarterly), he has drawn a fascinating, though strangely affectless, graphic memoir of his years as a customer of prostitutes, showcasing every single one he has frequented.
That sentimentality can organize and animate that most reassuringly affectless and violent genre forces a major reconsideration of the cultural work crime fiction does.
A unifying element in all his work is his deadpan Keatonesque style - artistically and personally affectless.
The danger of unrelenting irony is that it can result in an affectless and flat simulation of reality in which at a certain point everything seems hollow, and nothing therefore matters.
He said that the assistance of the Great Unity Party for the rehabilitation of the flood affectless would always be remembered.
The Collins Essential Thesaurus, Third Edition, includes words such: hard, cold, cruel, indifferent, insensitive, callous, stony, unkind, heartless, inhumane, merciless, intolerant, uncaring, pitiless, unfeeling, unforgiving, hard-as-nails, and affectless as synonyms to the word.
Sadly, even the sex scenes here have a certain affectless quality because they are not essentially connected with the characters.
A later line insinuates this affectless darkness even more intimately: "the body that inhabits you is nothing more than the darkness of your body.