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Infinite Jest also ties this condition of affectlessness to an ironic aesthetic: "It's of some interest that the lively arts of the millennial U.
There are, in the Oxford English Dictionary, 324 words ending in -lessness, from affectlessness to zeallessness, yet there are only 279 ending in -fulness, staring with abhorfulness and ending with zestfulness.
In an online discussion of the seeming affectlessness of the "Gray" aliens who usually figure in abduction narratives, Advancer states that "the Grayling must be seen as a robot controlled by a cowardly being, for this is what they are--nothing more than flesh with no free mind" (Advancer 2009).
The affectlessness of Marienbad's story line, gliding camera work, and emotionless actors is intensified by the illusory depth.
For instance, in a disarmingly honest attempt to save the text from its detractors, the novelist-critic Barbara Scrupski writes that Charlotte Simmons lays bare the limits of "the ethics of the liberal elites," or those who speak "the voice of affectlessness, of studied, deliberate 'cool'" (87, 88).