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These factors can affect the relationship between its elastic and viscous response, which will vary as a function of temperature and rate of deformation.
These positive affects are encouraging especially in light of the many difficulties children experienced.
This bold move has energized a community of researchers to form interdisciplinary partnerships to study how the environment affects behavior, weight, and obesity.
The order has no expiration date, however, so it could affect more in the future.
Each affects different parts of the body in different ways.
Demonstrating how communication affects performance and presenting a business case for investments in specific communication programs will help move the communication function from tacticians to strategic partners.
Marfan syndrome affects men, women, and children, and has been found among people of all races and ethnic backgrounds.
LaFrance, a Yale University professor, studies how physical appearance affects people's feelings.
Hence, the legislation affects expenditures incurred or transactions completed more than 11 years prior to the introduction of the legislation.
More long-chain branching provides advantages in low-barrier packaging applications because it affects crystalline orientation and reduces barrier.
The first proposal by the administration which affects all REITs would prohibit REITs from holding or possessing stock which is more than 10 percent of the vote or value of all classes of stock of such corporation on or after the Effective Date.