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1985) Morphology of central termina tions of intra-axonally stained, large, myelinated primary afferent fibers from facial skin in the rat.
Percutaneous denervation of the efferent sympathetic and sensory afferent fibers of the renal nerves is a promising and safe therapeutic option but prospective randomized controlled trials are necessary to confirm that renal denervation will become vital in the treatment of resistant hypertension.
Functional analysis of group III afferent fibers of mammalian muscles.
Although the exact mechanism remains elusive, it has been proposed that impulses generated in lesioned peripheral nerve, posterior nerve root/ganglion, or afferent fibers pass into the spinal cord--some to higher areas to cause pain, while others into the local interneuron and motor neurons to generate involuntary movements of the toes.
A-delta fibers which are small diameter-myelinated and pain-transmitting fiber demonstrate the greatest decrease in conduction velocity in response to the cooling (29), but afferent fibers that translate the proprioceptive information from muscle spindles to the CNS are type of I[alpha] and II meaning large myelinated fiber that have fast conduction (30).
buds, afferent fibers carrying the information to the first CNS relay,
The vagus is a mixed nerve, containing both efferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse to motor areas) and afferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse back to the sensory areas--hence the term "affect").
The electrical stimulus activates the large sensory Ia afferent fibers that travel to the spinal cord and synapse directly onto alpha-motoneurons.