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AFFIANCE, contracts. From affidare or dare fidem, to give a pledge. A plighting of troth between a man and woman. Litt. s. 39. Pothier, Traite du Mariage, n. 24, defines it to be a an agreement by which a man and a woman promise each other that they will marry together. This word is used by some authors as synonymous with marriage. Co. Litt. 34, a, note 2. See Dig. 23, 1 Code 5, 1, 4; Extrav. 4, 1.

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He is affianced to Karen Roberts and he has one child by a previous marriage.
According to ( The Herald Sun , the "Mr & Mrs Smith" co-stars and affianced lovers top the list of celebrities that are invited to watch the games at the Melbourne Park.
Sahiba Fabrics is affianced in textile business since 26 years and it has been catering to the ever-growing demands of the Clothing and Fashion Industry simultaneously striving towards becoming a market leader in the manufacturing of Fabrics.
Hamlet, tasked with killing his father's brother, eventually stabs and poisons him along with Laertes, the brother of his affianced 'sister' Ophelia.
Airlie Stud 1,119 Oiche Ghealai 3yo ch f Galileo-Erin's Isle (Affianced) Oiche Ghealai did not reach a racecourse but she nevertheless has a pedigree that makes her an extremely attractive breeding prospect.
The host unbundles one aspect or dimension of a topic and utilizes thinking errors to continue the "conversation." These distorted thinking techniques are not so much to do with a topic as with the aggressive tone of feeding the emotions of the affianced listener.
For instance, one caption is Nehru's line from the film: ' Bapuji, the whole brown nation is moving.' The art world has affianced itself with Gandhi in such quirky fashions for as long as one can remember.
Pakistan, May 16 -- There was a time when the hot Jennifer Lopez was affianced to an overrated actor Ben Affleck.
St Valentine is the patron saint of the affianced, happy marriages, love, bee keepers, against fainting, plague and epileptics.
The patron saint of love, affianced couples and happy marriages, he is also the protector of bee keepers, which seems appropriate given what their charges (and the birds) get up to.
Linda's impassioned shouting out of Nostromo's name is an ironic reversal of Nostromo's inability to speak her sister's name at a crucial moment in the story; this strange silence prevents him from marrying the woman he loves and leaves him affianced to her older sister, whom he would in fact prefer not to be around, and culminates the meta-literary dramas of naming, the power of words, storytelling, and silence, themes that have been well documented in Conrad criticism.
Instead, the film turns into a subtle investigation--at times, even an indictment--of traditional monogamy, starting with Vicky, who's frustratingly affianced. She resists the temptation around her because, when she briefly gives in to Juan's advances, she's reminded of her own relationship's shortcomings.