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AFFIANCE, contracts. From affidare or dare fidem, to give a pledge. A plighting of troth between a man and woman. Litt. s. 39. Pothier, Traite du Mariage, n. 24, defines it to be a an agreement by which a man and a woman promise each other that they will marry together. This word is used by some authors as synonymous with marriage. Co. Litt. 34, a, note 2. See Dig. 23, 1 Code 5, 1, 4; Extrav. 4, 1.

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Above all, this misogyny is expressed in his attacks on his lateral peer, his affianced, beloved Ophelia.
Pakistan, May 16 -- There was a time when the hot Jennifer Lopez was affianced to an overrated actor Ben Affleck.
St Valentine is the patron saint of the affianced, happy marriages, love, bee keepers, against fainting, plague and epileptics.
The patron saint of love, affianced couples and happy marriages, he is also the protector of bee keepers, which seems appropriate given what their charges (and the birds) get up to.
Linda's impassioned shouting out of Nostromo's name is an ironic reversal of Nostromo's inability to speak her sister's name at a crucial moment in the story; this strange silence prevents him from marrying the woman he loves and leaves him affianced to her older sister, whom he would in fact prefer not to be around, and culminates the meta-literary dramas of naming, the power of words, storytelling, and silence, themes that have been well documented in Conrad criticism.
Instead, the film turns into a subtle investigation--at times, even an indictment--of traditional monogamy, starting with Vicky, who's frustratingly affianced.
Or to have her affianced Don Ottavio practically rape her as she sings the ethereal "Non mir dir.
Herbert's eyes were bent fondly upon her, and so she forgave the insult to her affianced husband, and tried to laugh at the joke.
The 12-person cast list is filled out by a lodger-turned-capitalist in love with the not-so-merry widow; a revolutionary firebrand who spouts lines about the bourgeoisie and winds up emigrating to Russia; an African-American maid called Pansy who turns up out of nowhere; and an idealistic schoolteacher type who was affianced to the good daughter Esther--Mama was kneading dough for challah for the wedding when the fire broke out--and later marries the bad one.
HEY BRING THEIR STORIES TO The Marriage Bed, the espoused and affianced, joined in virtual conversation, posting psalms and parables, warnings and lamentations, narratives that are broken, contradictory, unfinished, because the way to love is hard sometimes, and because sex is a lot like religion in that way, enchanted and bone-crushing, a simple matter made strange, heavy with secrets, freighting souls with the need to tell.
Mothers, wives, sisters, and affianced ones, your hearts will beat, your voices will speak in honour and glory of the living and the dead you are great and powerful.
Far from the sex-affirming, multiple-partner kiss-ins ACT UP organized in the early years of the AIDS crisis, today's affinity groups of the affianced place themselves within this recognizable story of amorous fulfillment.