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As another example, the restriction on lending for repayment of securities causes a bank compliance problems when renewing a company's revolving line of credit if a section 20 affiliate has underwritten an offering by that company since the credit was first extended.
The State Agency Affiliate Reports are filled with comments about interagency terms, cooperative funding efforts, and provision of training to other agencies and service providers on the needs of individuals with deaf-blindness.
The first proposed change relates to certain transfers of shares of a foreign affiliate within a non-arm's-length group.
In addition, an organization applying for exempt status may request (by separate written request submitted with its application for exemption recognition) a determination that it meets the requirements to be an affiliate of a governmental unit and, thus, is excepted from filing Form 990.
We are committed to leveraging the affiliate channel as a complement to Circuit City's overall online marketing efforts," said Imran Jooma, vice president of Circuit City Direct.
Additionally, the Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate has already distributed a request for proposals to award their first grants in the area.
The December draft proposal also expands the time period within which a taxpayer is required to file its affiliate information to a date 15 months subsequent to the close of the taxpayer's year.
Affiliate marketing, the oft unsung workhorse of online marketing, has been one of the most dependable, consistent and predictable merchant customer acquisition channels since the late 90s," said Chris Henger, vice president of affiliate marketing at Performics.
Thus, in TEI's view, the efficiency of the government's scrutiny of foreign affiliate activities could be maintained or enhanced without imposing the significant additional reporting obligations contained in the draft legislation and Form.
A long-time leader in the affiliate marketing space, KowaBunga
To comport better with the purposes of the foreign affiliate legislation, we recommend that the definition be modified to read, as follows:
Software product offerings spell tremendous opportunity for affiliates," said Todd Crawford, Digital River's vice president of affiliate sales and business development.