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The Council shall meet at least once a year and shall consist of two representatives from each affiliate society and one from each local group, representatives of disciplines representing as many specializations, or disciplines, as appropriate, and the members of the Executive Board.
Recognizing the need to foster effective partnership with its state affiliates, ALFA empowered each affiliate to focus on local issues while relying on the national association to serve as a resource and set a national agenda.
But our current approach to measuring the current account and the impact on the United States of such international activity does not show the benefits to the United States of sales of foreign affiliates. Exports of goods and services are well-reported in the current account; the net benefit to U.S.
Four transactions resulted in a small reduction in the refinery capacity of FDI affiliates. The number of FDI-affiliate retail outlets increased 2 percent and motor gasoline sales increased by just over 8 percent as BP gained ARCO's 1,500 outlets and Lukoil (Russia) purchased almost 1,300 Getty-branded outlets.
Net receipts from foreign affiliates' activities are small relative to conventionally measured exports and imports.
Jubilee Ace has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Jubilee Ace affiliate membership itself.
There are many opportunities for collaboration between ALA and its affiliates; ALA staff members attend affiliate meetings, promote their programming, and attend annual conferences if possible.
Online Casino Affiliates are invited to sign up at, where they will have access to the new affiliate system and promote their brands: and
During the past five years, 19 Komen affiliates merged or dissolved, including 11 in the fiscal year ending 2016, with cumulative total assets of almost $4 million.
Winning affiliates each received $2,000, a five-day/ four-night cruise and two complimentary, full conference registrations to the 2015 NAA Education Conference & Exposition, June 24-27, in Las Vegas.
Because these new affiliates were advertising that they had special coupons for our store, customers were immediately clicking over there.
Summary: Kaspersky Lab has partnered with affiliate network, Avangate, to offer the Kaspersky Affiliate Program to partners in the Middle East.

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