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These regulations establish the exclusive licensing standards and other requirements for taxicab licensees and affiliations.
Since modernity itself is in part about instituting political transparency in human society (democracy, bureaucracy, and a regular systems of law being three examples of attempts towards the transparent political life), one might be tempted to believe that the affiliations of power in our world ought to be relatively visible and understandable.
Physicians functioning independently of hospitals have little reason to be concerned about the financial impact of their activities on hospitals; affiliations that align financial incentives give physicians reason to change their behavior in such a way as to increase hospital revenues or lower hospital costs.
Fredrick Walker was arrested after police found about 30 completed registration cards on which the party affiliation had been changed to Republican, according to a police report.
The first objective is achieved by amending the Glass-Steagall Act and the Bank Holding Company Act to permit financial affiliations and broader financial activities.
in 1997, also would eliminate restrictions on affiliations between banks and other financial and nonfinancial companies.
While religious affiliation is not an absolute indicator of political ideology, analysts say the survey confirms that the generally conservative political tone of the new Congress corresponds to a continuing growth in the number of theologically conservative representatives and a decline in the number of mainline Protestants, who tend to be more theologically liberal.
This new affiliation will enable us to bring a greater level of service to our current institutional clients, while tapping into a broader range of prospective clients here and abroad.
Hernandez also is an attorney whose civic affiliations include the Rockefeller Foundation and the Commission on Presidential Debates.
According to the findings, interest in affiliation is highest among organizations with existing affiliations or organizations with deteriorating operating margins.
THE new open primary system in California can lead to some very interesting scenarios that are worthy of consideration - the blurring of party affiliations, the threat of one party influencing the nominations of another party.
In testimony before the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services, Rubin said Clinton administration proposals would permit affiliations between banks and other financial services companies, such as securities firms and insurance companies.