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A large, diversified television broadcasting company, Sinclair has multiple emerging networks as well as affiliations with all the major networks and is a local news provider and a producer of live sports content in the US.
The publishers of the 215 articles (in 123 journals) had provided "as supplied by publisher" records to PubMed that contained either no author affiliation information, only one author's affiliation information, or in a few cases, affiliations for several authors.
In short, section 9-112, and specifically section 9-112-010(a), of the municipal code provides the framework for the relationship and obligations of affiliations and affiliates vis-a-vis each other and the general public.
24) The point I wish to draw attention to here is not merely that Said offers another theory about Europe and its culture but to mention the manner in which Said illustrates and demonstrates how the filial order and cultural affiliations are consolidated (and can be examined) at any time in any system to reveal specific cultural logics at discrete moments.
Another pathway through which hospital-physician affiliations may affect patient treatment is through an effect on transaction costs (see Robinson 1997, or for a more general discussion, Williamson 1985).
On the other hand, abandoning disciplinary logic is no more possible than rejecting our affiliations with the fields we professionally represent.
She returned to Walker and asked for her registration card back and, after sifting through a stack of cards, found that her card had been altered - the party affiliation changed to Republican, the police report said.
The proposed affiliation request, which would ask for more autonomy, responsibility and authority from the national organization, may be ready for presentation as early as October, when the board of directors holds its next meeting during the 2002 International Pool & Spa Expo in Dallas.
The first objective is achieved by amending the Glass-Steagall Act and the Bank Holding Company Act to permit financial affiliations and broader financial activities.
in 1997, also would eliminate restrictions on affiliations between banks and other financial and nonfinancial companies.
While religious affiliation is not an absolute indicator of political ideology, analysts say the survey confirms that the generally conservative political tone of the new Congress corresponds to a continuing growth in the number of theologically conservative representatives and a decline in the number of mainline Protestants, who tend to be more theologically liberal.
This new affiliation will enable us to bring a greater level of service to our current institutional clients, while tapping into a broader range of prospective clients here and abroad.