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Affiliative displays of audiences toward both politicians and comedians have been shown to be quite similar, suggesting rhetorical techniques used by speakers in front of audiences share similarities (Wells and Bull 2007).
When we apply this analysis to Mike Ashley we can see immediately that he did start with an affiliative style, sitting in the local pubs with the local supporters.
Among those six styles--command and control, pace-setting, visionary, coaching, affiliative, and democratic--only two were shown to have a negative impact on work atmosphere: command and control, and pace-setting.
Their research demonstrated that these individuals are strong in affiliative hope in God, possessing a general hope that God will bring them through difficult times or a particular hope in Gods grace and personal relationship with them.
1980), the role-rule model (Tong, Canter 1985), the affiliative model (Sime 1985), and social influence model (Deutsch, Gerard 1955).
James, 1983) The Herth Hope Index identifies three dimensions of hope (cognitive-temporal or positive view of future outcomes; affective behavioral or confidence in ability to initiate plans for the future; and affiliative contextual or recognition of importance of connections with others) (Herth, 1992) (Table 1).
However, the main trend among contemporary evolutionary thinkers is to recognize that humans have evolved dispositions towards cooperative coalitions, pro-social self-sacrifice, affective parent-infant attachment, affiliative bonding, kin protection, and pair bonding.
In the wild, vampire bats display affiliative behaviors rarely found in other bat species and are among the only bats that are capable of agile, coordinated terrestrial movements in order to better compete for resources in the wild.
That said, the aspiration to 'queer' the nation animates many different loci of Irish Queer Studies, but not all such 'queering' shares the same critical affiliative determinants or the same nationalist recuperative desires that Valente seems to ascribe to such a 'School'.
But Yokoo's irony does not perform that kind of separation--it can be better understood as an affiliative maneuver that draws him closer to his subject and to his audience.
There is an obvious selection story to back this up: nonmenstruating women have higher estrogen levels, leading them to be both more likely to participate in an experiment in the first place (indicative of pro-social or affiliative behavior) and to be less "aggressive" once they do.
The Interpersonal Orientation Scale was utilized as well (IOS; Hill, 1987), assessing affiliative attitudes and behaviors (including emotional support and positive stimulation).