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Dunbar [28] reported that social grooming, as an affiliative behavior, plays a particularly important role in social bonding and has a major effect on an individual's lifetime reproductive fitness in humans and primates.
And so, again, once the affiliative space has closed, replaced by the bordered space of the state, the refugee finds herself excluded and despised.
With Michael's own relocation, the values of his filial relations and outport community run the risk of being lost, and his affiliative ties serve only as a daily reminder of what that loss entails.
Definitions of affiliative and socio-sexual behavioral events observed, adapted from Recchia (text footnote 3) and Hill et al.
Indeed, self-enhancing and affiliative humor styles have been linked with beneficial emotional/psychological and physiological health (Besser et al.
When we apply this analysis to Mike Ashley we can see immediately that he did start with an affiliative style, sitting in the local pubs with the local supporters.
These included agonistic aggressive (threats, chases, slaps), submissive (screaming, grimacing, hind-quarter presentation), and affiliative (teeth chattering, embracing, and grooming) behaviors.
We might think of this kind of community as an affiliative network linked by ambient conventions such as hashtags (Zappavigna, 2011).
Affiliative leaders tend to make ad hoc and ad hominem decisions that can leave colleagues with a feeling of not knowing what to expect next, or even of where they stand in relationship to the leader.
Leadership style in three words: Democratic, affiliative, participative Hobbies/interests: Family time, travelling, running Worst thing you did as a pupil: Copying someone else''s work.
Among those six styles--command and control, pace-setting, visionary, coaching, affiliative, and democratic--only two were shown to have a negative impact on work atmosphere: command and control, and pace-setting.