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Many discussants from business sectors also explained--usually emphatically--that in operating their businesses they preferred to limit business relationships to persons well known by or somehow affined to themselves.
While passingly affined with recent trends toward the animaloid, Jensen's oeuvre points more forcefully in the direction of such sculptors as Robert Gober and Katarina Fritsch, arch craftspeople in whose work irony and spiritualism are hard to tell apart.
A cosmopolitan society with a romantic past; an economic and political itinerary of considerable interest to Islamists as well as Asianists; a complex social anthropology, and a distinctive language (strongly affined to the Chamic languages of Cambodia) and expressive tradition: how to do it all justice?
Hence Christ and Lorca are affined by the poet's belief in the philosophy or "faith" of flamenco as a context for his life, work and correlatively predestined death.
Part two includes: by means of the hierarchical decision-making theory, and the stochastic optimization theory, two concrete static models with a perfect information structure and partial information structure respectively, where the government induces Pareto-optimality by adopting a strategy which is a function of the fiscal policy parameter; the existence of the optimum affined strategy in the above models is tested.
When he first read Manfred at the age of thirteen, he was nearing the end of a childhood with Elizabeth that was one silken thread of pleasures, an actual version of the mystical union Emily Bronte was creating in those deeply affined children of the moors, Cathy and Heathcliff, almost at the same time that Lizzy and Fritz were living it in Naumberg and Pobles.
Arce's painting becomes an affined medium for Michel's soul, Guston's soul, and whatever soulful cocktails result from the combination thereof.