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The females are more sociable than males, so agonistic behaviour between them is less frequent, and affinitive behaviour more so than males.
Again, this is partly to do with velocity, with a spectral construction of logical and affinitive relations through which the user travels so quickly and frictionlessly as to perceive only an undifferentiated white light.
In this case, "the self in Daoism is a fractal self, one that potentially can seamlessly interweave its being with affinitive systems, or attractors in the world, whose organization is now recognized to transcend classic dimensionality" (Jones and Culliney, 644).
Conversion, as DeWeese is the first to point out, is a most complex phenomenon, and since this study successfully highlights the processes by which affinitive elements of Islam and indigenous Inner Asian religious beliefs and practices converged in history, one feels a definite need for studies that approach the subject from the opposite direction of divergence and conflict.
Christianity and Judaism naturally come out very similar - affinitive as well as dependent upon each other's existential bases - while Islam is analyzed for its polemical stance against them.
This rather psychological view was shared by others at the time and is clearly affinitive with that of Descartes.
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When she asked for further examples, I doubt she had in mind this many, but she had stumbled, literally through the back door, into an area I've been going at for awhile I call Definitive Homophones (DH), where a homophone of the whole target word or phrase is a synonym or strong affinitive.
There are many factors affecting the affinitive, adsorption, and coordinating capabilities with metal ions of chelating resins.
In addition, working with the limited selection of textual variations in appendix Il of Wagner's article (in which he compared the "received text" of Wang Pi with the Sung edition of Fan Ying-yuan and to which I added the relevant readings from the extant recensions of Ho-shang kung and Fu I), I determined that of the total of ninety-four variations among these sources there was at least affinitive agreement (identical but for a radical) between the Wang and Ho readings in seventy-two (seven affinitives; the rest identical) of them (and between the Fu and Fan readings in sixty-seven of them).
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