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When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation.
Van Horn glanced for verification to Nau-hau, who nodded affirmation in the reverse Solomon way; whereupon Van Horn counted twenty-six gold sovereigns into the hand of Sati's father.
When the reporter pointed out to him that there seemed little difference between the two schools, Martin had shrugged his shoulders in silent affirmation.
Chairman, and to its affirmation I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honour, that that wicked and unscrupulous Minority redistricted the cards
Jones nodded affirmation of his words, sighed and evidenced unmistakable signs of eagerness to go.
It was an affirmation, a moral victory paid for by innumerable defeats, by abominable terrors, by abominable satisfac- tions.
Nothing can pass there, or make you one of the circle, but the casting aside your trappings, and dealing man to man in naked truth, plain confession, and omniscient affirmation.
He changed the course, and I signalled affirmation when the speck showed dead ahead.
For the psychologists, on the contrary, affirmation is the fundamental act; the concept is the result of judgment (explicit or implicit), of similarities with exclusion of differences.
Saxon nodded affirmation, and a great light seemed suddenly to kindle in her understanding.
Her answer to this, on her own solemn affirmation, is as plain as words can be.
To the sentiment of being alone of one's kind, to the clear perception of the loneliness of one's thoughts, of one's sensations--to the negation of the habitual, which is safe, there is added the affirmation of the unusual, which is dangerous; a suggestion of things vague, uncontrollable, and repulsive, whose discomposing intrusion excites the imagination and tries the civilized nerves of the foolish and the wise alike.