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This article presents well-formedness conditions on Turkish coordinate constructions with suspended affixation (SA) , where certain bound morphemes are omitted from all conjuncts other than the final one while maintaining their semantic scope over the whole construction.
For example, Lipka (1992: 80) professes that he prefers the term affixation to derivation in classifying word- formation types.
the analysis of Tagalog -um- affixation in Prince and Smolensky 1993).
194) Like personal property, trademarks have a physical manifestation when they are affixed to goods, but affixation is no longer the sine qua non of trademark protection.
The principal criticism of John Doe DNA indictments is the combination of the flaws of DNA evidence and the potential for long periods between the commission of a crime, the filing of an indictment based on a genetic profile, and a subsequent affixation of the defendant's name to the indictment.
Cause of death included live ammunition, with several bodies coming in with multiple gunshot wounds, buckshot wounds and affixation from the tear gas.
Convention also fails to provide guidance to electronic affixation of an
We believe that this affixation of the article to the toponym also occurs in Cook's Olhemaroa and Banks' Olimaroa, and that this represents the Tahitian article 'o plus the toponym Rimaroa, in the same way that 18th century English Otaheite represented the Tahitian article 'o plus the toponym Tahiti.
This affixation cannot be done in the same way with saya and, sometimes, it is for this ease of expression and its capacity to 'trip off the tongue' that aku is chosen over saya.
Term morphological variation is due to grammatical, or derivational affixation (e.
No doubt the board's report on this matter had the affixation BAH HUMBUG