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The bureau alleged that the stamps were fake since they did not contain the multi-layered security features of a valid internal revenue stamp and were not affixed at the production plant of Mighty Corp.
No later than October 1, 2014, all locally manufactured packs of cigarettes shall be affixed with the internal revenue stamps prescribed by these regulation," the IRR said.
Brandt Affixing's expertise lies in affixed and integrated labels, cards and bar code products.
Driver isolation allows the LEDs to be affixed directly to a metal heat sink, avoiding the added expense of an electrically isolating enclosure that is often required for non-isolated drivers.
Instead, the military will recognize service members who directly affect combat operations without being present through distinguishing devices that will be affixed to already existing awards.
Material transferred into a small container that has insufficient room on the container to affix a label, an abbreviated label shall be affixed containing the material name, manufacturer's name, and stock number.
The device can be affixed with magnets or sucking cups (in case of plastic-based ships or boats), but a rope that is paid out of the case enables the diver to secure the mine to a shaft should need be.
2) Customs seals and fastenings affixed by customs authorities of the other contracting parties or of a third country and which comply with the requirements laid down in the annex, may be accepted for the purposes of this protocol.
On 4 June, the Commission announced that it had begun formal proceedings against French group Suez Environnement over an alleged breach of a seal affixed during an inspection by the executive's competition services in April at the premises of the group's subsidiary, Lyonnaise des Eaux.
According to a travel advisory issued by the ministry all Indian citizens travelling to China have been advised that before making any travel arrangements, they should ascertain from the Chinese Embassy whether their visas will be affixed to their passport or they will be stapled paper visas.
Burris was barred from the Senate floor and not sworn in as a United States Senator on grounds that the secretary of state had not countersigned or affixed the state seal to his appointment papers.
Traditionally Shock Pulse Transducers and Vibration Accelerometers for condition monitoring are affixed to the machines with a male thread, usually 8 mm.