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2 in mental-health cases after the NCR about the kinds of mental illnesses in the province, their gender, age and causes of those afflicted with mental disorders.
She said 75 percent of the afflicted are children; and that 30 percent of infant deaths probably is due to rare diseases.
Finally, he said Kuwaiti assistance offered to afflicted all over the
It intervenes whenever 2 percent or more of the total number of passengers and crew is afflicted with gastrointestinal illness.
Afflicted Powers is a frankly partisan intervention aimed at concrete political effects.
Long misdiagnosed, due to a lack of education, new studies suggest that up to one in 133 people are afflicted with celiac disease.
The scenes show Damien wrapping a bandage around the foot of an afflicted person, cutting wood, and other acts of service.
The suit, which was filed on Friday September 10, the last day before the statute of limitations for 9/11 lawsuits took effect, includes policemen, firemen, volunteers and construction workers who have been afflicted with illnesses ranging from asthma to cancer.
Coming away from that meeting, he realized how little long-term care organizations collectively knew about Parkinson's disease and the many ways in which those afflicted could be helped.
Interventions are typically held at the home of the afflicted, although you might also choose such "neutral" places as a church, a counselor's office, or out behind a dumpster.
A global stigma against those with mental illness prevents the afflicted from receiving proper care and unnecessarily instills fear in both sufferers and society as a whole.
Laurie Winn Carlson argues that accusations of witchcraft were linked to an epidemic of encephalitis and that it was a specific form of this disease, encephalitis lethargica, that accounts for the symptoms suffered by the afflicted, those who accused their neighbors of bewitching them.