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Morocco, which has undertaken reforms in all sectors since over ten years, is "unlikely to be swept up in the unrest" afflicting countries in the MENA region," said Judith Miller, whose remarks were quoted by the online website
A fatal cancer afflicting Tasmanian devils passes from one of the small marsupials to another when they bite each other, rather than being transmitted via a virus, a new study suggests.
The epidemic seems to be getting worse, afflicting the vast bulk of politicians; and it's extremely resistant to common cures.
Hear Him!: The One Hundred Twenty-Five Commands Of Jesus by former pastor and theological seminarian Peter Wittstock directly addresses what the author feels is an epidemic of apostasy afflicting the Christian churches in this opening decade of the 21st Century.
In speech after speech and countless opinion articles leading up to the free trade ministerial, proponents of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) asserted that it would improve economic growth and reduce inequities long afflicting Latin American and Caribbean economies.