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This, however, is only for one affliction. There are still several other ailments that could surface in outbreaks in the near future, which could otherwise be prevented through vaccination.
The sections cover documenting medical affliction; writing pathological experience; and reading body, mind, and environment.
Basically cleft lip and palate is a broken oral cavity and domain of experts, who manage afflictions of oral cavity very routinely.
The careful, sometimes overly observant prose of Love's Affliction matches the thoughtfulness and intelligence of its narrator.
Sweet Affliction is authentic because it is surprising and unexpected.
Fluency [lack] was the affliction. He had to have silence or bring on
This was after the latest case of the affliction had just been reported when a group of nomads intend to invest in real estate.
I believe my .32 affliction really kicked off when I found my first secondhand Single Six .32 H&R Magnum.
Une grande affliction et une profonde tristesse regnent sur les sites du reseau social, suite aux incidents criminels laches de Rafah.
The durable affliction visited on Lebanon he largely attributed to the struggle between super powers of arrogance namely the American/Israeli axis which his party deems to confront here and in Palestine.
He said an estimated 2.8 per cent of the UAE population had this affliction. "Psoriasis affects all ages but mostly young adults in their 30s," he said, adding he has seen it also in children.
Mary Glindon, MP for North Tyneside, said: Dementia is a terrible affliction that turns loved ones into shadows of their former selves.