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Federico Lombardi, the Vatican's spokesman, dismissed the account and said Benedict was not aware of the men's afflictions and had not intended to carry out an exorcism.
His Angel of Bethesda, a compilation of physical afflictions, practical advice and spiritual exhortation, weaves together the most extensive medical text of the colonial period with religious dictum.
Also, I heard from a friend who lived in Germany up to a few years ago that these diseases and afflictions were not known in that country either.
For example, according to the 1997 National Institute of Mental Health report Suicide Facts, in the United States suicide is the eighth leading cause of death and is most often prompted by depression and substance abuse, both mental afflictions.
The release considered the operation "came as part of the cowardly operations committed by outlaw armed groups that aim at cracking the national line, and creating afflictions among the one Iraqi people.
Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing afflictions in the country, affecting an increasing amount of adults and children alike; that's why a book such as Janis Roszlder's The Secrets Of Living And Loving With Diabetes: Three Experts Answer Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask is so important: it uses the latest medical information and blends in exercises, case histories and humor, adding the clinical expertise of diabetes experts William H.
Our current project will play an important role in expanding research facilities at Einstein and helping medical science find better and more humane treatments for such afflictions as stroke, liver disease, diabetes and neurological trauma," said Neil Clark, the Division's chairman and senior vice president at Fidelity National Title Insurance of New York.
Sin produced mental afflictions, but the reverse was also true: sin itself was a kind of madness, and the devil its source.