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Mycobacterium boris, a close relative of the germ responsible for tuberculosis in people, preferentially afflicts cattle.
The group reports evidence that ancient Egyptians suffered from schistosomiasis, a disease that afflicts up to 300 million people around the globe.
There is currently no effective treatment for these conditions which, in the aggregate, afflict over six million people in the U.
This type of gallstone accounts for 10-15 percent of all gallstones in humans and afflicts millions of people worldwide annually.
Working with InSite Clinical Trials and a pharmaceutical sponsor, Westlake Medical Research is evaluating a medicine for osteoarthritis, a painful breakdown of cartilage in the joints that afflicts 16 million people nationwide.
Obesity afflicts 58 million people nationwide, a population that is growing.
Effective immediately, Ricerca will begin developmental work on PhytoMedical's BDC-03 compound for cachexia, a devastating muscle wasting condition that afflicts 25% of all AIDS patients and upwards of 90% of all advanced cancer patients.
Although CJD afflicts just 1 in 1 million people worldwide each year, the new cases have touched off a panic in Europe, prompting a widespread ban on imports of British beef and the decision to slaughter 11 million apparently healthy cattle in the United Kingdom.
The prospective capacity of BDC-03 to induce overall weight gain in the form of lean muscle mass has focused PhytoMedical's attention to the development of a new compound for the treatment of cachexia, a devastating condition that afflicts 25% of all AIDS patients and upwards of 90% of all advanced cancer patients.
New drug treatment approaches can markedly reduce the incidence of one of the most common infections that afflicts patients with advanced AIDS, according to two new studies.
Since then, the researchers have shown that NSP4 afflicts mice in much the same way that rotavirus afflicts mice-and humans.
According to research published by The Sage Group, there is an overwhelming lack of awareness of PAD which afflicts 14-18 million Americans, compared to coronary artery disease and diabetes afflicting 12.