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It was the estimable old gentleman's dearest wish that his daughter should marry some rich, open-handed man who would keep him in affluence for the remainder of his days, and to that end he was in the habit of introducing to her notice any such that came his way.
Manson Mingott had long since succeeded in untying her husband's fortune, and had lived in affluence for half a century; but memories of her early straits had made her excessively thrifty, and though, when she bought a dress or a piece of furniture, she took care that it should be of the best, she could not bring herself to spend much on the transient pleasures of the table.
They feel the poverty at the bottom of all the seeming affluence of the world.
There was such an affluence of military and other people that up to the place of the sepulture, which was a little chapel on the plain, the road from the city was filled with horsemen and pedestrians in mourning.
The newcomer was a man of about forty-five or fifty; tall, handsome, black-mustached and with the haughty arrogance of pride most often seen upon the faces of those who have been raised by unmerited favor to positions of power and affluence.
A HEAVY Operator overtaken by a Reverse of Fortune was bewailing his sudden fall from affluence to indigence.
The firm failed last year, and unable to endure the fall from affluence to poverty he died.
It is not affluence, but at least it isn't poverty.
He is drawn as ready to teach, and ready to obey: as simple in affluence, and majestic in adversity.
But this should not continue: my child must not be abandoned to this corruption: better far that he should live in poverty and obscurity, with a fugitive mother, that in luxury and affluence with such a father.
However, we both made a shift to pick up an uncomfortable livelihood; and for two years I continued of the calling; during which time I tasted all the varieties of fortune, sometimes flourishing in affluence, and at others being obliged to struggle with almost incredible difficulties.
He was descended from a good family in France, where he had lived for many years in affluence, respected by his superiors and beloved by his equals.