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As the Reds were unable to spend as affluently last summer as they have been able to do in the past, Brendan Rodgers looked to the club's youth ranks, with a number of success stories emerging throughout the season.
a lot of Aboriginal people, as I understand, live less affluently than non-Aboriginal people, and I guess going back to other backgrounds, I guess those backgrounds can affect how a student achieves in school.
These beliefs are reflected in the comment that "Latin America has a largely stratified society, with top 1-5% living affluently by Western standards, middle working class with some degree of social and economic comfort, and the largest part of the people living in near subsistence conditions" (R4).
So unless my assumptions are wildly incorrect there is no possibility of all people living as affluently as we do in rich countries today on renewable energy (plus nuclear energy and coal burning with geo-sequestration).
Middleton's paternal ancestors have been affluently middle-class for more than
6--Since the study population was affluently rich, their nutritional awareness needs to be enhanced to avoid risks of obesity malnutrition.
(12.) Two tortured sentences in English: "No need of the golden neck-chains and ear-rings so affluently displayed.