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As a matter of fact, health care is not a right afforded to every citizen in our country.
3) Because the protections afforded individuals under these constitutional provisions differ, it is critical that law enforcement officers understand the provisions and appropriately apply their protections.
Subsequent assignments have afforded me repeated exposure to the program, resulting in a body of work of which I am very fond.
With an endless number of ecclesial options on the Web, space is afforded to a wide variety of unofficial sites for Catholics and Protestants who may feel marginalized by some of their church's policies or teachings.
Taking advantage of lower interest rates and an anxious seller, Adrienne Hardy was able to buy a home a year ago that she probably could not have afforded a year earlier.
Nasche(5) ruled that a release form signed by an applicant for government employment afforded an absolute privilege against a defamation action, even if statements of the former employer were made maliciously.
Under private security agreements, municipalities would possess considerably less control over their police force than afforded by the traditional public policing model.