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On each hand the walls of the ravine presented their overhanging sides both above and below the fall, affording no means whatever of avoiding the cataract by taking a circuit round it.
The improvement across all income groups indicates that the economic recovery is not only reaching upper-income Americans, but it also seems to be benefitting those with lower incomes, at least when it comes to affording food.
The talks should emphasize the fundamental principles of affording a college education.
These practices include: 1) limiting written disclosures to information contained in official personnel files; 2) limiting oral comments to information that is essentially coextensive with the information contained in official personnel files;(20) 3) affording employees regular and documented feedback on their performance; and 4) affording all employees procedural due process (i.
Ingeniously renewing the tension between contradictory properties and thus affording an epiphany of their relationship, Kapoor suggests that each property disputes the other, seems even determined to eliminate it, though they depend on each other.