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About Indra's fight with Harappa's Vrtra who is described as the Dragon, the Rig-Veda (Hymn xxxii) says: 'Whom sawest thou to avenge the Dragon, Indra that fear possessed thy heart when thou hadst slain him; that like a hawk affrighted through the regions, you crossedst nine and ninety flowing rivers'?
The brutality and abuses of war become clear by the short vignettes: the maiden who has lost her loved one: "Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind/ Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky/ And the affrighted steed ran on alone,/ Do not weep.
A chance bullet, coming nobody knows how or from whence, fired perchance by one that fled affrighted at the very flash of his villainous piece, may in a moment put a period to the vastest designs" J.
Up from the south at break of day, bringing to Winchester fresh dismay, The affrighted air with a shudder bore, like a herald in haste, to the chieftain's door, The terrible grumble and rumble and roar, telling the battle was on once more, And Sheridan twenty miles away.
The affrighted gallant sought refuge in the capacious cauldron used for the baths.
This punishment] so affrighted the Natives, that they never after durst [dared] more attempt this wickedness during the time of the Incas.
Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse Of sun and moon, and that the affrighted globe Should yawn--
As he is obviously aware of the meaning of natio--indeed, he has written a book called The Need for Nations--this is presumably a diplomatic introduction to mollify easily affrighted Greens.
Why thus affrighted at an empty Name, A Dream of Darkness, and fictitious Flame; Vain Themes of Wit, which but in Poems pass, And Fables of a World, that never was?
She is sinking into her affrighted husband's arms, who strives with vain and frantic effort to avert the blow.
However, for a woman much affrighted and hovering near her deathbed, she rallies very quickly.