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It is also an affront to the elementary principles of justice which all Americans hold dear.
Since a group of Native American Sioux considers the University of North Dakota's nickname of ``Fighting Sioux'' to be ``an affront to the dignity'' of the tribe, why don't they just do the American thing and sue `em?
He said: "It is an affront that Scotland's flag should be protected by an 87- year-old Tory lord who got his title before the Act of Union.
It's an affront to consumers, and it's a sad day for an industry that has worked hard to earn and maintain the public's trust.
But Rio's Cardinal Eugenio Sales called the trunks an affront to the country's Catholics, and the archdiocese sued boutique owner David Zaulay for ridiculing a religious symbol.
Having invested in hundreds of companies over the years, we can say without fear of exaggeration that the recent actions taken by the Company's Board of Directors to disenfranchise shareholders and entrench themselves at shareholder expense are a shocking affront to even the most rudimentary notion of fiduciary duty to shareholders," wrote JANA Managing Partner Barry Rosenstein in today's letter.
The Justice Minister said: "What has happened in recent times is an affront to ordinary people in that somebody was murdered because they were associated with somebody who gave evidence.
I don't know what our policy on animal rights is, but believe me, if we have one, this movie is an affront to it as well.
Robinson's bill seeks special status for a particular, unsavoury and unsocial behaviour and is an affront to democracy.
Local resident Noreen Hickey said: "The advert is an affront to decent people and is highly offensive.
As long as significant announcements are delivered in both languages for competitors and audience inside and outside the Royal Pavilion, there should surely be no problem and no affront to either of the languages of this country.
FLY-on-the-wall TV talent show Soap Stars has been attacked as an insulting affront to actors.