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It was an affront to me and all right-thinking Scots that the Queen opened the bridge in the first place.
It's an affront to the British public that the Tories stress commitment when in practice they do anything but."
Not only an outrageous abuse of statistics but an affront to the population of the town.
Summary: Court finds rapper guilty of affront to public decency, and sentences his to four months in jail.
THE JD( U) has raised objection to the construction of a gigantic iron statue of late Sardar Vallabhai Patel in Narendra Modiruled Gujarat, saying that it is an affront to the great leader as the metal is considered to be a symbol of bad omen.
"It is not only an affront to Jews, even if my husband and I are Jewish.
ENGLAND'S footballers should be banned from singing God Save The Queen before matches because it is an affront to the Welsh, a Liberal Democrat MP has said.
A Yemeni government proposal to grant President Ali Abdullah Saleh amnesty in return for his speedy exit is an affront to thousands who suffered under his rule and should be rejected by the parliament, U.S.-based Human Rights Watch group said.
These senseless killings are an affront to the people of Pakistan and to all humanity, the statement added.
The two presidents made clear that it is "an affront to human decency and dignity" to attack and kill innocent people and agreed that "now is a time for our two nations to come together, in the pursuit of common values and common goals," the White House said.
The judge in the case ruled that the police would pay Tzoref NIS 12,838.Judge Haviv wrote, "The affront to the accused's freedom of expression is the most extreme affront one can imagine in a democratic country.
The EU denounced the execution calling it "an affront to human dignity," adding that it was greatly concerned about the rising level of executions in Iran.