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By analogy, Watson concluded that the complainants in the Owens case, "have been discriminated against with respect to the advertisement placed in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on June 30, 1997, and as a result, were exposed to hatred, ridicule and (sic) their dignity was affronted on the basis of their sexual orientation.
Rather than strewing footnotes freely in the reader's path, he mostly allows Carey's words alone to unfold the new, challenging, and sometimes intimidating venture into a land whose customs, beliefs, mores, and values often affronted, sometimes appalled, but never deterred, this man with a mission.
Bernard Kouchner, the French secretary of state for health, declared on television that he was affronted by the ruling and said it appeared to be mainly a question of ``inheritance and big money.
Were readers affronted by false prophets in white lab coats offering to defeat death with no acknowledgement of the Cross?
Taboos against particular colors and color combinations have been established arbitrarily - presumably by those whose personal taste they have affronted.
They have affronted the authority of this court SHERIFF MACKIE