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As a hurtling-over-a-street-corner-near-you threat to the common good, there is a Catholic case to be made against SUVs, and, as anyone who has watched an SUV owner barrel blissfully through traffic can attest, they can be an affront to human dignity.
False accusations aside, I don't think I'd care to be the kind of person who shows zero tolerance for affronts in conversation or manners - tightly wound, we used to call it.
Naked and sprawling, he recomposes his limbs into a lovely configuration as human dignity vanquishes the squalid affronts of horror.
They were the truly tormented, with the affronts coming at them from both sides.
Social stress may intensify the harm inflicted on a key brain structure by neurological affronts such as seizures, strokes, and even the aging process.
Other Valley leaders saw the MTA board action as one in a long series of affronts.